: Difficult to ignore the orange option.

: Precious doesn’t do him justice.

: In the build-up to the return of TIL: a coherent plan.

: Abstract… ish.


: Hidden.

: A popular spot.


: Behold! The sight of my conquest.

: Oh no, this camera thing… it’s fun. πŸ˜‚

: By the book.

: Truce via sleep.

: One of my favourite parts of Christmas is Claire’s trifle. Extra sparkly this year! 😁

: Thoroughly entertained.

: Beans.

: Got milk.

: Night. Sight.

: New profile photo.

: Blep.

: Ah yes, the foot rest.

: Aria, before her worst nightmare. Who knew home renovation would make taking photos so difficult?

: Curious(ity).

: Stealth(ish).

: One of my local libraries. Finally joined.


Author: Simon Woods
Cameras: Nikon D3500; iPhone SE
Location: Wiltshire, UK